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  • Caroline Cassin

Tout a commencé avec une liste de tableaux griffonnée par un cousin. La collection disparue. Jan 27.

Sur ce bout de papier, des chefs-d’œuvre impressionnistes, Renoir, Monet, Degas, exposés aujourd’hui dans les plus grands musées du monde, qui ont tous appartenu un

jour à mon arrière-grand-père, Jules Strauss. Je ne connaissais rien de sa histoire, ni de sa collection disparue. Ces quelques mots notés à la hâte allaient changer ma vie, me conduire du Louvre au musée de Dresde, des archives de la Gestapo au Ministère de la Culture.

La collection disparue (La Bleue) by Pauline Baer de Perignon.

In a joint event between the Centre for Global Security and Governance at the University of Aberdeen and the Center for Advanced Security, Strategic, and Integration Studies at the University of Bonn are proud to welcome Pauline de Perignon.

Pauline is the author of ‘La Collection Disparue’ (Gallimard), in which she tries to recover the life of her great-grandfather Jules Strauss, whose art collection was looted in 1942 by the Nazis during the German occupation of France.

The book follows the trail of Pauline’s quest to find the pieces of art stolen from her great-grandfather. It raises questions that pertain to all of us: What are we to do with looted art that has survived the chaos of history? What do pieces of art transmit to us over time, in all their grace and fragility? How are we to act as ordinary citizens when there is no adequate legislation to deal with the injustices of the past? What can we learn from the silence of the generations that preceded us?

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