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The art of writing. 21 rue de la Boetie.

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

A very beautiful book on memory, looted art, recovered memories and the duty to remember.

Un très beau livre sur la mémoire, l’art spolié, les souvenirs retrouvés et le devoir de mémoire.

“Are your four grandparents French? The-man-from-behind-the-counter asked me. This question was asked for the last time to those who were soon to board a train, coming from Pithiviers, Beaune-la-Rolande or Vel d'Hiv ... and that was enough to revive my memory. of my grandfather, Paul Rosenberg, friend and adviser to painters, whose gallery was at 21, rue La Boétie. Attracted, in spite of myself, by this address and by the tragic history attached to it, I suddenly wanted to revisit the family legend. […] I wanted to understand the itinerary of this luminous, intimate grandfather of Picasso, Braque, Matisse, Léger, who had become an outcast under Vichy. […] This book tells his story which, indirectly, is also mine. A. S. Anne Sinclair traces, between anecdotes and nostalgia, the family history marked by art and war. Nathalie Dupuis, Elle.

21 rue de la Boetie. Anne Sinclair.


La rafle des notables, d’Anne Sinclair, aux éditions Grasset. 128 pages. 13,00€.

Un vol organisé : L’Etat français et la spoliation des biens juifs 1940-1944, de Martin Jungius, aux éditions Tallandier. 525 pages. 20,00€.

Le marché de l’art sous l’Occupation, de Emmanuelle Polack, aux éditions Tallandier. 336 pages. 21,50€. 

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